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Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Says You CAN"T Dye Synthetic Hair?

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Who says you can't dye synthetic hair? You most certainly can! Just grab yourself a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol & some Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Ink ( Or FW INK)a light colored wig! ***MUST BE LIGHT COLORED*** Ie...Blonde, platnium silver/gray, golden brown, etc...You get the idea. You will also need a wig head. preferably styrofoam, if you do not have one use something that will allow you to work on the hair freely. If wig is curly NOTE: Please DO NOT comb through! You may run the risk of ruining your curls. Just move the hair in layers to make sure you are saturating the entire wig. For straight hair you may comb it through the hair as you go. I used the colors, Ombre which is a burnt orange color & Super Black! I added the Ombre to the alcohol first then slowly added the Super Black until I achieved the color I wanted. For the alcohol be sure you get anywhere from 50% to 75% I do not recommend going any higher. I used 50% and it worked like a charm:-D Follow the rest of the diections in the video, it tells you everything you need to know! By the way, The wig style I bought is discontinued but here are is a link to something similar: 
This one is pretty darn close!

Here's to customizing your wigs to make them your own...From my wig collection to yours, Much Love,Dani